September 09, 2012

Golf Or Easter Egg Hunt?

Brookhaven Golf Course 
I am not a golfer. I am a kid with 18 holes of woodland in which to search for white dimpled Easter eggs. Rooting around the wooded edges of a golf course looking for a golf ball and emerging with a pocket full of them can be as rewarding as sinking a twenty foot putt. We had our annual company golf tournament today. Last years tournament was the last game of golf I played. It's not that I wouldn't embrace being a weekend warrior but golf is too demanding. It demands time and money. The best thing about our tournament is the course. Brookhaven Golf Course is located in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. The course is dotted with old stonewalls, century tall pines, and crystal clear spring fed streams. There are golf carts full of laughs, cold blue beverages and Tiger Woods wanna-be's. At a company tournament the player's ages range from those in their young twenties to those like myself who are also there practicing for a retirement pastime. Today is also the first Sunday of the NFL season so the air has a little extra dose of excitement in it. This post is simply a way to preserve the memory in a few photos and words. Even if you've never taken a swipe at a Titleist with a Ping I hope you will like the scenery.

The End 

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