September 15, 2012

A Wise Owl Once Said

A Wise Owl
by John R. Greenwood

A wise owl once whispered from high above 

go young man
go now
do not linger and wait for tomorrow
yesterday is just a day away from the one before 
so on... 
so forth...
speak your piece
live in peace
insist on love
when clouds form 
do not run
do not hide
open your arms wide and welcome the rain
open your eyes wide and listen 
rain drops sing beautiful songs on tin topped microphones

be wise young man when darkness falls
catch it
embrace it 
learn from it
then send it off into the morning 

wise young men are bravest 
when hearts are strong and full
men with trunks of many rings grow stronger with age
deeper rooted 
long branches sway 
a wise owl perched among them
watching from high above

1 comment:

  1. Like all your metaphors in your poem -- such as "men with trunks of many rings." fine poem -- barbara