September 22, 2012

Right or Left?

Election Signs 
I was headed to the dump (transfer station) this morning and for some reason the upcoming election came to mind. I am not a good American. I have trouble being enveloped in the trash talking garbage that is cloaked in the context of campaign strategy. I yearn for honesty and integrity. I crave truth in advertising. I really, really, really hate the individual campaign signs that litter our roadsides. Show me your past record. Tell me what your plan is and how you intend to accomplish it. You can sprinkle it with a little blue-sky vision of the future but be realistic about it. Let me make up my mind without that, "You must call within the next five minutes" sales pitch. I am a pretty good judge of character. I will figure it out 9 out of 10 times on my own. I am the average American. I care enough to want to be involved, but don't smother me in BS.

A Long And Winding Road
Two more months of twists and turns. Living in the world today is anything but airport runway straight. There's always someone standing in judgement and expressing their opinion about how you should live your life. What ever happened to live and let live? Yes, this is simplistic and vague but it truly is what I was thinking about this Saturday morning. I am enjoying life the way it is. I almost feel guilty about it. The turmoil and tragedy of the world as it revolves around me should worry me--but it doesn't. I am committed to enjoying the autumn of my life without letting the twists and turns overcome personal happiness. Maybe we just aren't appreciative enough of what we do have? Maybe we're a little better off than the news wants us to believe. I for one am quite content with what I have and do not have. After all, it's the bed I've made. I have had all the opportunity in the world. Didn't you? 

Don't Be Confused 

Yes, it was a trip to the dump not to the nation's capital but that's the way I look at life. I do it my way. Like a tail waggin' Lab who just wants a scratch behind the ear, I live today, for today. I embrace the craziness around me--it's not going away. So come this fall when you head to the polls, don't worry about going left or right. Don't feel like you need to wave a Democratic or Republican flag. The one waving in the breeze off the pole on the front porch is the only one that matters.


  1. Interesting. We both wrote about transfer stations/ landfills today. I agree wholeheartedly. Live our own lives, provide our own hope and appreciate life as it is. I made choices all along the line and it's simple but good, and that's all that matters.

    I enjoyed this. Nice pics to illustrate.

  2. To start with don't turn on TV for the next month or so. Radio is OK as it doesn't hit all the senses. Or turn on great jazz online -- -- no political ads -- just great jazz around the clock. Get a few old movies DVDs at your library to enjoy. I'm not saying duck out of living your normal life -- just a few suggestions for enjoyment during the madly intense pre-election days ahead. -- barbara

    1. Other than some NFL fixes and an occasional American Pickers, I will follow your lead. Although blues is where I tend to end up, I will take my own advice and turn the other direction for a change of scenery. here I come.

  3. Great photography and yes it is a great election campaign logo. Left or right? Whom will you chose? How will you find your way out of the confusion? Nicely done!