October 25, 2012

Like Father, Like Son

Like Father, Like Son 
by John R. Greenwood

This post is about fathers and sons. I took these photographs at a recent company event. The event was a truck rodeo where our company's truck drivers could compete and test driving skills. There were multiple parts to the skills test and one of them involved a written portion. Gabe Lafond and his son Josh seemed to operate as one throughout the day. It was impossible not to extract pure joy out of watching this little boy emulate his father's every move. Josh appeared to be taking the whole thing as seriously as his dad. He thought through every question just like dad and scribbled his best answer to each question even though he had never encountered a DOT Roadside Inspection. When his father was performing a mock pre-trip inspection, young Josh watched intently from the curb, as if dad was in the Olympics competing for gold. Watching the reverence young Josh had for his father was the highlight of the day. He did not fuss once. He performed like a true professional, just like dad. 

"Dad, it's a four-second following distance, I'm sure of it!' 

"Don't forget to check the lug nuts Dad!" 

"Pizza--It's a man thing"


  1. Very cute! Nice capture of a special relationship. Father and son even sport the same haircut.

  2. It is delightful to see a father with his young son. I bet that son felt pretty special that day. Very warm photos, especially liked the first one. -- barbara