October 06, 2012

Gnawing Your Way To Happiness

Don't you wish someone would throw you bone so you could gnaw your way to happiness. Life would be so much nicer if we were able to solve our problems by lying in a corner quietly gnawing them into oblivion. Look how doggone happy this guy is. I'm pretty sure I heard him purring. He was totally engrossed in this hunk of bliss. It was a beautiful day on Nantucket. Even the pets were soaking in the warmth of this sun-drenched October day with a sense that there were few left on the calendar. As I passed the doorway of this colorful shop the scene above stopped me in my tracks. It was the calmness that surrounded this well loved animal that seemed to roll out on to the brick walkway and down the cobblestone street. Everyone passing by had a spell cast upon them. Smiles took over and babies stopped crying. Kids stopped whining and moms were overcome by a comforting ease. Dads opened their wallets with nary a flinch. Shop owners said, "Thank You"and "Please Come Again!"


  1. The tale of a well loved dog always lifts my heart!!!!!!! Thanks for this......simple blessings are best!

  2. Oh how dogs can sedate a crowd. I can sense his calmness through your photos -- barbara