October 07, 2012

Vacation Rebirth

Baptism by Sea

On the fourth morning of our Cape Cod vacation we watched another rebirth of sorts take place on the shores of the Atlantic. We had just pulled into the parking lot of a small beach near our hotel when a white Mitsubishi SUV pulled in behind us. There was an 8' wooden cross wrapped in a red cloth protruding through the open sun roof. It was a captivating sight that couldn't help but peak your interest.  We parked the car and waited. A small group of people gathered then walked quietly out onto the beach and over to the waters edge. A seaside baptism was about to blossom on the sands of Cape Cod. We walked up to an observation deck on the edge of the park and witnessed the joy of someone receiving a cleansing of their soul and spirit in a very real and invigorating way. 

The Cleansing Begins
The minister, an assistant and the parishioner waded slowly out into the cool waters of Cape Cod and the baptism took place. 

A Clean Fresh Heart Beats Strong
As the minister ended his ceremony he called out to the handful of witnesses on shore, "Is there any one else who wishes to join us?" Silently I responded, "Thank you Reverend, I already did." 


  1. What a beautiful thing to witness. I didn't like my baptism as a child, still not enamored of the memory, but I see it now as a wonderful symbol of, in a very real sense, being "born again," being cleansed and purified from life up to that point and going forward.

    Very nice that the minister asked if anyone else was ready for this ritual.

    Isn't it fun, being in the right place, at the right time?

    1. It has been a great getaway for sure. This was the last thing I would have expected today. I think that's what made it so special.