October 14, 2012

Battle of October

Battle of October
By John R. Greenwood

stubborn troopers high  
grip tight their maple home  
refusing to join fallen comrades 
on the battlefield below

rakeman waits with tilted head
his impatience growing 
year upon year 
this ritual game 

the battle stalled
a setting sun declares 
a draw 
and leaves


  1. John,

    Your words declare the truth of an autumnal scene in many places across the world..I lament the passing of the season, as the leaves fall into my garden...Life continues.

    Happy Sunday,
    Eileen :)

  2. John,

    I think it sounds like you have a lot of leaves to rake! Beautiful leaves that is. -- barbara

  3. Awesome picture, lovely poem...a yearly battle for sure..Chris