October 08, 2012

Profound -- Before & After

(A Writing Prompt)
Where do you find the profound? 

I find the profound when I turn around. It taps me on the shoulder when I least expect it. It flies by my window when the wind blows. The profound never waits for me to get dressed. Nor does it care if my hair is combed. The profound like a persistent salesman simply shows up at the back door waiting for acknowledgement. The profound taunts me at the break of dawn and at the hour of midnight. I never argue. The mind opens and listens attentively. The profound sometimes whispers in my ear. The volume at times deafens with blaring trumpets. I have learned by now to keep a bag packed and ready. The profound you find may be the one you were looking for--so long ago.


  1. I love this! My Profound gets harder to discover - but the Hilarious is right close by:)

  2. I love this concept as it resonates with me. So many people go through life wearing blinders and closed to the awesomeness all around us. Thanks for the beauty you bring to my life.

  3. I love this an I loved that you did my writing prompt. I'll have to post another.