October 06, 2012


Nice Dog...
Are you dog person? What does that mean exactly? I love dogs. We don't have a dog right now but I feel like I am living in Dog Person World. Since my association with Jon Katz and our Hubbard Hall Writing Group began, I feel like a member of a club of which I am an outsider looking in. I now find myself drawn to dog scenes and photo opportunities. Spending a few days in and around Cape Cod provided many of them. The photograph above is an example. Although this handsome pooch is solid as a rock and cost nothing to feed the child petting him does not care. She is drawn to him and immediately began to pet him and speak softly as though he was as real as Lassie. I could not miss the chance to capture that gentle connection. We saw many similar scenes that day. I will post them as time allows. To all dog owners in the Cape Cod area today, if you see a gray haired man with a camera trying to sneak a shudder click of you and your loved one with a tail, it's only me -- a dog-less dog-person.


  1. Oh, this is so sweet. Dogs can make all the difference. I see you with Spike on your sidebar. My son has a dog that is very much like him whose name is Bruce.

  2. Definitely a dog person here. Even at one time had one of those wonderful bulldogs, like in your great photo. Good post -- barbara

  3. Ah, this made me smile broadly. Indeed I am a dog person. I am sure many dog owners won't mind at all if you take pictures! I'd be honored if someone asked me. Smiles.