May 05, 2013

New Paint

New Paint
by John R. Greenwood

What is it about a new coat of paint that transforms, not just the look of a front porch, but also the outlook of the painter? It gives things a fresh look and the sense of a new beginning. I have always enjoyed painting outside in the spring. The weather is painter friendly and apt to supply a friendly breeze and lower humidity. Curious songbirds and passing locals peek shyly to see what's changing on the corner. 

As seen by the sloppy side of my $3.00 can of $24 mis-mixed bargain shelf gallon of American Tradition, I am no professional. It doesn't matter. Latex paint is forgiving and a blessing for paint brush wielding men like me. In fact my father used to call me, "Shmear" whenever I was helping him paint something. 

The original premise of this post was meant to highlight the rebirth that spring brings. A new coat of fresh paint is like a new start. Over the years I have made many attempts at new starts. Sometimes it was a commitment to lose weight. Sometimes a a promise to budget better. It could be a vow of getting to that long overdue project. Today I painted a porch, but my heart is in writing, sharing, and doing more in the upcoming year. I promised myself that I will not be one of those who whines away life. I don't salivate about retirement. Work, hard work, has defined me. I plan to work at something for as long as I am able to. 

My daily joy comes from life between slices of work. For now I have weathered one more winter. I am joyfully immersed in one more spring. 

My outlook for the approaching summer is to keep painting porches with brushes and stories with pens. You are all welcome to follow along. 

Bring a friend, Raining Iguanas loves company...


  1. Ohh -- what a beautiful front porch. I haven't painted a large project in five years -- I always do like the transformation once I have finished. --- Nice post -- barbara

    1. Thank you. The steps were one of my most challenging projects a few years ago. I will take painting over building stair risers any time.