May 18, 2013

Red Wagon Society

Red Wagon Society 

On Saturday morning the Red Wagon Society met to discuss the upcoming planting season. 'Wide Red' as the young Flyers like to call him asked everyone to gather around so they could review the list of Red Wagon Rules and Regulations for the 2013 Season: 

  1. No squeaking before 10am. If your wheels are dry be sure to get over to the WD-40 shed and get them sprayed.
  2. Be cautious with anyone under the age of six. Children under six forget that the wagons are for plant transport only and are not toys. There were several mishaps in 2012 and insurance premiums have soared because of it. 
  3. Every wagon must now punch out for lunch. The NYS Labor board cracked down this year after they received several reports that some wagons were working through their lunch hour just to get extra road time. This is no longer allowed under NYS Red Wagon Regs.
  4. There is a meeting planned for next weekend after closing. At that time we will discuss putting together a fundraiser to get 'Rusty Bottomside' painted. He is the oldest wagon in the fleet and we felt it would be a nice gesture if everyone pitched in for a new coat of wagon red. New decals were donated by the Radio Flyer Production Plant and should arrive in two weeks.
  5. We are expecting bigger than normal crowds this season because of the spread of Green Thumb disease. It is expected to peak this season and nurseries and greenhouses are looking forward to record breaking profits. 
  6. Recently it was brought to the attention of management that some wagons have been secretly talking about getting yellow flames painted along their sides with their first big paycheck of the year. We want to remind every wagon here today that they signed a Moral Code of Conduct on Easter Sunday and it clearly states that flames were deemed unwagon-like and have therefore been added to the banned practices list on page 14 of your contracts. 
  7. Last but not least we have all been invited to participate in this years Wheels For Wagons 5k. All proceeds go to benefit retired wagons who can't afford to get their wobbly wheels aligned or replaced due to cut-backs by the present Wagon Administration. The first 25 participating wagons will receive a WFW sticker for the back of their wagons.


  1. Well Done Jack! Love it!

    Mrs. G

  2. Glad you reminded me of number 2 before we hit the nursery.

  3. Very amusing...thanks for the 5 minute non-stop laugh. I really needed that. Diane