May 11, 2013

Tree Planning

Tree Planning 
By John R. Greenwood

Planting a tree sounds easy right? Dig a hole, plunk her in. It didn’t go quite that smooth today. Sometimes it makes sense to do a little more planning before planting.
The scrawny white birch in the middle of my yard took a turn for the worse this spring and I had to take it down. After looking around and doing a little research  Mrs. G and I decided to replace it with a flowering white crabapple. 

We heard that Mandy’s Spring Nursery out of Granville recently set up a new tree yard in our neck of woods here in Wilton. Mandy’s has been in operation since 1939 and since they are a local business, we decided to check out their selection. We were greeted by an accommodating Scott and Jamie, who while ignoring the pelting rain, provided a wealth of information and suggestions. They were patient and friendly. It made buying a tree enjoyable and fun. It wasn’t just a sale it was an occasion. 

When we finally made a decision it was time to load the tree. Mandy’s would have delivered the tree free of charge because we lived within a five mile radius of the tree yard, but nooo, I’m the owner of a big old pickup truck. I don’t need anything but the mail delivered to me! That turned out to be another one of my knucklehead decisions. 

The two men working the yard did a great job loading 'Snow Flake.' Not one leaf or branch was harmed in the creation of this piece. My only regret is not having these two talented tree-wrestlers bring 'Snow Flake' home and plant her for me. 
I got 'Snow Flake' home safe and sound. She waved at everyone we passed on the way. 

She was glad to have been adopted and seemed to be looking forward to getting her roots deeply planted in a friendly yard on a busy corner. Unfortunately 'Snow Flake' would have to wait another day. Why? Because she lied about her weight. I am no slouch when it comes to heavy lifting but this was going to be a bigger job than I could handle alone. 'Snow Flake' would turn out to be a two man, two day, project. Time to call for reinforcements. 

Part #2 of this treemendous saga to follow tomorrow. I hope? 

You can find more photographs of 'Snow Flakes' journey in a album called 'Mandy's Spring Nursery Day' on the Raining Iguanas Facebook Page

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  1. I love it when sales blossom into occasions. Snow Flake is a lucky tree.