June 15, 2013

To My Wife:

To my wife:

I am sending you a simple anniversary message from my heart to yours. It is an open message meant to spread a little love from our hearts to the hearts of others.I ask anyone reading this to refrain from commenting. Instead I ask that you take a moment to reflect on someone dear to you. It may be a spouse, parent or a sibling. Maybe its that new baby on the way or the toddler in your lap. Maybe you have a loved one serving their country in a far off land or living in another state too distant for you to stop by and say hello. Reflect for a moment on what that loved one means to you and how different your life might be if they hadn't turned up on your doorstep. We don't do enough of that these days. We take everything for granted. We expect instant potatoes and gourmet meals in thirty minutes or less. I thought on this, our 39th day as one, it would be nice to write a piece about love and appreciation. In this world of 'me', we expect more and give less. The biggest gift I ever received came from my wife. She has been giving me that gift in small daily doses for 39 years. It is the gift of unselfishness. I am a slow learner and a stubborn student. It has taken me years to realize how unselfish a mother and wife must be. They sacrifice holiday’s and cold dinners to others. They put themselves at the back of the line regardless of how long that line is. I now understand how fortunate I have been. 

We are  surrounded by these selfless loved ones who want only the best for us. They want us to be safe on the way home. They want our bellies full and our faces smiling. These are the loved ones who don’t think about it, they simply do it. It comes natural to them. 

To my wife I love you. I thank you for not skimping on anything you do for me. To everyone reading this, you have a person in your life who is long overdue for a hug, a kind word, or maybe a hand written letter. Don’t wait another minute. Grab a pen, or your car keys, the phone or just yell across the street. The person who means so much to you deserves it. Spread the love. After all there's not a day that goes by that someone isn't celebrating an anniversary somewhere.  

Happy Anniversary!