June 02, 2013

'Raining Iguanas' What's in a name?

'Raining Iguanas' What's in a name? 
By John R. Greenwood

Friday night at the reading of the Hubbard Hall Writers I realized that a more detailed explanation of the name Raining Iguanas was in order. I have a short description in the header of my page and when I first started the blog I did write a simple poem that summarized it a bit, but I think everyone who stops by here deserves a little more story. 

Raining Iguanas signifies searching for the life within a life. It represents the desire to saturate yourself with the all the goodness in the world so when the hardships and dark places show up at your doorstep you have the courage and strength to handle them. It envelopes the premise of stopping to smell the roses and sip the coffee as we forge our way through life. Life should not be about pointing blaming fingers and spewing accusatory barbs at anyone who doesn't agree with us. Life deserves better. You deserve better. And every person that you interact with expects better things from you. 

 We complain about the ills of the world so freely we begin to absorb it into our skin. The media discharges piles of garbage so high we can't see over it and it stinks so bad we won't go anywhere near it- so we curl up in our shells. We peek out every once in awhile hoping some magic wizard has made everything better. We expect to see gas below three bucks, a basket full of groceries we can afford to pay cash for, and pothole free roads that never have more than an inch of snow on them.

It's not going to happen. 
Get over it. 

Get back in the game. Push back when you need to but don't step over others to get to the finish line. Turn around and help them up. Shake hands, pat each other on the back, and head off in your chosen direction- smiling and wishing each other well.

What do you have to lose?

It's more about what we have to gain. Raining Iguanas was initiated by the need to express these words and anything that helps people understand each other. It's name should signify kindness and sharing, support and caring. I want it to be an oasis in a world that seems hellbent on hurting anyone who they think deserves it. I want this site to slow you down long enough for the rest of you to catch up.

 So pick your head up, open your heart and your eyes. Take the time to see the beauty in a teenager with a brand new drivers license. Revel in the vision of a tired mother buckling in a squirmy toddler. Savor the tastes and smells of a mid June Farmer's Market. Sing your throat sore when your favorite song shows up unexpectedly on a cranked up car radio. Tilt your ear to the sound of fat old bullfrog, neck deep on a muddy shore. 

That is the real world. Along with the ugly is the joy. We simply need to grab the right pair of glasses and sip from the half full glass. This is what the name Raining Iguanas stands for. My wish is that you will come back here for more. If you choose not to, I will understand. But please do me a favor. Leave the door open and the light on.

Raining Iguanas
John R. Greenwood

The photographs included with this piece were taken within one hundred yards of my home. I took them in between writing the paragraphs of this piece which I wrote while sitting at this picnic table in my side yard. It's a new parking spot. I moved it from the back yard yesterday. I feel quite comfortable here. It has a fresh perspective. You need a change of view every once in awhile. Change is good. 


  1. I really enjoy your posts. Love the "green" and the out-of-doors perspective! Keep journeying...love slowing down to see the jack-in-the-pulpits and the joy of sweet clover along the way! ~~~LaMae

  2. Thank you for this great post!! And every post that you make. I really enjoy the blog.

  3. Thank you for this post. I really enjoy your blog. I am grateful and again, thankful!

  4. Super post and glad to know more about the name!

  5. Lovely! Transition. It's my new favorite word. Loved the explanation and the paragraph "So pick your head up..."

  6. Great Post, John. Raining Iguanas is a special place for spirit uplifting. Diane