August 25, 2012

Spaghetti Night

"Classic Italian" 
There are some things should never change; places that you hope will be around forever. But change will come and so will corporate plates of imitation Italian dinners and bread sticks from the freezer. Here is a classic much as it was decades ago. The decor is living proof.

"A sign of good things to come..."
A long hall of newspaper clippings, old photographs and a vintage coat rack lead you back to two separate dining rooms. On one side is the main restaurant filled with linen covered tables and a full menu. To the left and one step up is a room lined with saggy booths, green-checkered tablecloths, and an a la carte menu. 

"Ambiance on a budget"
Design on a dime must have been here but I like it that way. The sauce tastes better when you sit in a tilted, sagging, spring-weary naugahyde booth. The beer is always colder too. 

"Seeburg Wall-O-Matic 200"
The buttons on this Seeburg tell the tale of a bygone era. Grease soaked and history full this unit has seen it's share of spaghetti stained shirts. An itunes dinosaur whose days are numbered. 

"Get your nose off the screen!" 
You can keep your French cuisine, prime rib, and lobster tails, this meal beats them all. The garlic bread  alone gives them a run for the money. Let's get twirlin'.

 Thanks for stopping in. Come again soon! 


  1. I can easily understand why you are drawn to this place. Your descriptions and photos are great, and the colors are very appealing to me. Yes, I think food would taste better in such a place. Love those booths, and chairs.

    You've reminded me of so many places where the jukebox on the wall held court. What fun it was, flipping through the choices to find a favorite or two. good times. I hope these types of places never disappear.

  2. John, The jukebox brought me back to those days when I did a lot of business travel. I enjoy songs by Patsy Cline (think I spelt her name correctly) and always, the jukebox would feature songs by Patsy Cline! A bonus for sure. Like Teresa, I admire the colors of your gorgeous photos. The colors are always so very crisp. Kindest, Jennie

  3. The colors of your photos make me say, "WOW! Jennie, today I heard Crazy, originally sung by Patsy Cline, but today sung by three elderly ladies and their caregiver in their Sunday afternoon singalong :-)