August 26, 2012

Beauty Or The Beast?

Beauty or the Beast? 
You can get caught up in the ugliness of the world if you allow yourself to. It's a choice. I choose not to. There has never been a time when life was entirely bouquets and butterflies. For example: it's hard to embrace a dredging barge. Even the word dredge is dreadful but the process is here and its here to stay. The best thing we can do now is look beyond our grandchildren and hope that one day their grandchildren can enjoy the beautiful Hudson completely. This post is not a debate on dredging. It's about how we look at things around us. Do we really need to change the world? Maybe we should start by changing ourselves. Look beyond the mirror. Look down the road, around the corner, up the rise, and over the mountain. Sometimes it's best to take a deep breath and quit bitchin'. We have hot water, three-way bulbs, 90 second cheeseburgers, and sugarfree gum. When was the last time you had to go outside in the dark to use the restroom? Are you hungry or thirsty right now or did you just finish your sixth meal of the day and have a 64 ounce cup of something sitting next to you? We have a good life. We simply got inconvenienced over the last few years because the piper showed up with a bill and he padded it with a few extra zeroes. I am better off now than I was when gas was in the double digits. I am warmer in the winter. My cars (two of them) start without having to pump the gas pedals, and I have more music on my iPod than the local FM station has played in the last 50 years. We no longer have a clothesline. I can buy groceries at a gas station and I can buy oil at the grocery store; all without any cash in my pocket. Shall I continue? I would but Sunday Night Football just came on and I want to go click on a remote and watch a guy making twenty million dollars a year throw football to a guy only making seven million dollars a year. 


  1. Hahahaha! Love it! But...uh....the last time I HAD to? Or CHOSE to go outside in the dark to use the bathroom? Speaking of which.....

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, good reminders of all of the conveniences I enjoy--up to and including peeing inside; going out to the outhouse in the dark was a fun adventure when I was twenty, but I wouldn't think so in my sixties! Had to laugh about the football players and their salaries!

  3. I have to say....if I had to go out in the dark to use an outhouse, I would be very happy. It would mean I was camping.