August 11, 2012

Aging Gentleman

"Aging Gentleman"
By John R. Greenwood
in tree lined obscurity
an aging gentleman sits

his chores complete
content in the fact
all is said
and done 


  1. Enjoyed this, John. From the picture it would also seem that the aging gentleman is sitting in an aging truck.

  2. Embarrassed to say Mary, but I actually took this one-handed with a point and shoot from the confines of my cherished Toyota Tundra. It was raining (not Iguanas) and I also had prior information the owner of the truck and the property is a gunsmith. Sooo not wanting to get shot or wet, I guess you could say I did my own drive-by shooting. One thing for sure I got lucky with the outcome. Personally, I love this photo.

  3. It is a wonderful photo and sits so well with the poem. Nicely done on both :)

  4. It has an impressionistic feel to it. The red on the tree with the dots of red elsewhere in the photo really makes it feel painterly. Very nice.

  5. Teresa, I almost cropped that red out. Something tapped me on the shoulder and said leave it, leave it be. I am glad I listened.

  6. Very cool photo and oh, do I ever love the greenness of your site, and the lovely tree trunks down near the bottom........

  7. John,

    An excellent photo, though with a scary kind of stillness as though the driver just might have been lying in wait....Especially after reading some of your words!!!


  8. I see him sitting there too, is he about to smoke his pipe? Lovely

  9. Short and sweet! Love the image!