August 22, 2012

Old Things on a Shelf

"Old Things"
It's difficult for me to leave the past alone. It keeps tapping me on the shoulder and showing up in unexpected places. I am pretty sure it has something to do with the aging process. That's the cruel part. I feel as youthful on the inside of my head as I did four decades ago, sometimes more so. I am content and happy. I feel good mentally. Physically I creak and groan like a rusty bike going up a gravel road but when I'm at the top enjoying the view I am fresh air and happy faces. I don't like bitchy old people. I like youth no matter what the age. People with something more on their plate than a pile of shrimp from the Olden Corral. It doesn't matter what you do, but do something more than complain about why it's the presidents fault that you aren't happy. Those people wouldn't be happy if George Washington showed up on the White House lawn handing out free bags of $50's. I like old things on shelves because they bring back many fond memories. I also like soaking in the present in whatever way, shape, or form that peeks in the window that day. Make a good new past. Make a great new past. Make it without hesitation. If you're a young twenty or thirty year old kid reading this, walk away with one good piece of advice. Your, 'someday' is here today. Don't wait until you climb the next range of mountains to look for it. Look at the calendar right now. What month is up there? What is today's date? If you had a magic lamp with one wish, would you wait until 'someday' to make it? Or, would you close your eyes and make your wish right now? Okay, now look around you. Look out the window. Go out to the garage and open the door. Do you see a magic lamp anywhere? No, I didn't either. You might just as well get started on your 'someday' now. Those magic lamps are hard to find. 

"Home of the Lakesider sandwich"

More old things on shelves... 


  1. Nice. Good words to live by. Have you had Lakeside Farms apple fritter? One of those things you shouldn't put off until tomorrow - lol.

  2. Cathy, I have yet to meet a pastry I didn't like, but I have to say their lemon bars are my favorite.