August 17, 2012

Happily Full

"Happily Full"
 Are you full? Will you go to bed tonight feeling like you've done your best to fill your heart, soul, and mind for the day? Are you happily full in your life? If a brave little motel along Route #9 can survive fifty years since the addition of a four lane interstate and still be happily full shouldn't we be able to do the same? A simple little motel with nary a puddle or historical landmark within view of it's driveway survives happily in 2012. As thirty-five thousand dollar cars sail by with their windows up tight and shaking from the BOSE bass thumping within, this happy gal sits smiling--with flowers waving in the wake. She's a survivor; an American original with her proud flag standing tall. I do not know the owners. I pass by several times a week and barely give a glance. On this day something caught my attention. Today my eyes were in tune a tiny bit more than normal. I love signs. Not gloms of Exit #15 WiltonMallMcDonaldsMobilBurgerKingKeyBank signs, but signs that tell me something. Signs that ask questions. The Birches spoke to me today. They stated a fact that posed a question. Am I happily full? I am for the moment, but I continue the search for creative nourishment. I am constantly looking for guests to fill the numerous rooms that line my head. Each guest that passes through leaves an empty room. On more story needed. One more photograph needed to  fill the vacancy. An endless opening and closing of doors. A timeless in and out of ideas and dreams. Lights go on. Lights go off. Rooms change appearance. The clientele varies. The seasons change and so do the vistas that draw my attention. I am happily full moment to moment because I am open for business. I love the courage of The Birches. A happily full place along Route #9. 


  1. John,

    Refreshing signage for sure. The words "happily full" made me smile. In my mind, the words 'happily full" speak volumes of the owners' optimistic attribute. Best, Jennie

  2. I would agree Jennie. That is what I felt when I first saw it. Optimism needs all the help we can give it!