August 18, 2012

Unexpected Expedition

Unexpected Expedition
By John R. Greenwood
"The Perfect Table Setting"

I know when the back gate of my house creaks at 7:30 on a Saturday morning it's one of my sons. This morning it was an unexpected invitation from my youngest. He asked if I wanted to take some nightcrawlers for a morning swim. It's the best way to describe our fishing expeditions. I know my father is left shaking his head as he watches from high above; his son the fishing failure. His grandson although skilled in the, getting up early part, unfortunately was paying as much attention as I was when my father was taking great pains trying to teach us the art of actually catching fish. The good news is, my son and I agree that it's the 'going' part that matters most. 

"The Perfect Frame of Mind"

The best thing about where I live is the proximity to beautiful places to go and not catch fish. Moreau Lake State Park is a favorite of ours. We can get there and have our lines in the water and the coffee we bring from home is still hot. This morning the air was the perfect color and thickness. It was also moving ever so gently. Mother Nature's rainbow sprinkles on the ice cream cone of our day. The park was fairly quiet. There was a little noise coming from behind the tailgate of a pickup across the parking lot. Mr. Thirty-Pack was already calling his tank-topped wife names. A Saturday reminder that stupid never takes a day off. 

"The Perfect Place in Life"

In the end we caught a fish or two, sipped our coffee, took some pictures, breathed in some vintage Mother Nature and enjoyed a couple of hours of 'Place'. It's a good life here on this crazy planet. You simply have to get up early on Saturday morning and take the crawler's swimin'. 


  1. brilliant - this echoes my summer - heading out to make those worms swim next week

  2. "Vintage Mother Nature." Love that phrase. What an enjoyable post.