August 20, 2012

A Home Without Color?

A Home Without Color? 
by John R. Greenwood

What is a home without color? A home without color is without warmth. A home without color is stagnant and lifeless. On this particular evening as I experimented with various settings on my camera I looked around our home. I suddenly realized that Mrs. G was the ultimate house painter. I have taken her skills as a painter/decorator for granted over the years. The fresh flowers that consistently grace our dining room table. The handmade curtains skillfully measured and hemmed. The loving care put into the color palette when choosing something as simple as a sofa pillow. She is a natural. Her combinations of color and texture flow seamlessly throughout our modest home. Oh, what she could do with an HGTV budget. Our home has always been just that - a home. Our first home had three sets of dual wheels, but it was colorful, warm, and full of love. I tease Mrs. G each time she asks if I want to help her change the curtains. "Didn't we just change them?" I complain. I will complain no more. I embrace my color filled home and the painter who paints it. An artist? I think so.


  1. John,

    I enjoyed your reflections upon life and the value that Mrs G brings to the comfort of your life and home:)
    A little hint of colour brings such
    warmth and a feelgood factor into what might be an otherwise dull and uninteresting life.


  2. I Love it! Wonderful colors and patterns and the warmth of the light is so comforting. It's always good to look around us and see things anew. Lovely.